SS4Ever Mod Extended is available with many features but with many altered settings for units.

I thought some players would like to play with this Mod but keeping original settings. So, here's the light version for those who want to play with Vanilla settings.

What SS4 Ever Skin Light Mod will add ?

This version will NOT change units settings, no permanent wrecks of others features from SS4Ever Mod. Here's the list of changes :

- Reworked vehicules/infanty textures (same tank can have several skins)
- New playable units : Jagdpanther, Hetzer, SU 100, Sdkfz 234-1 (20mm), Marder II, Sdkfz 251-8 (Ambulance), Medic Trucks
- New sounds : German, Soviet & Allied tanks have a new engine & a new track sound
- Some units changes in missions : All German/Soviet/Allied Missions have been reworked with new units with some modifications in the player and enemy reinforcements

Some important informations :

- As missions were rebuilt with new units, all your savegames won't work with it (you can still keep them but you will have to put back your vanilla game.

How to install and use:

The mod will only work with version 1.15.30080.
Copy the SS4E 1.15.30080 Installer into your Sudden Strike 4 folder and run it there.

Comments, suggestions or even complaints can be posted at

Last thing, if you want to donate some money for 1-2 beers, here's the link  :)

And most of all, HAVE FUN ! :)


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