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SS3 Modern Arms - Azovstal Mo SS3 Modern Arms - Azovstal Mod V2

Version 2. Introducing modern ships, new aircraft and two new campaigns, this ambitious campaign pack lets armchair generals wage the battles of 2022 on the shores of the Sea of Azov and Black Sea. Updated to version 2 on 5 October 2023 in keeping with the corrections and updates to the mod.

Installation description is included.

Changelog to version 2:

*improved destruction effects on apartment blocks (rubble)
*adjusted properties of the NSV machine guns on Russian and Ukrainian tanks to match DShK as these weapons are more comparable than previous placeholder (more damage now)
*reworked T90M armor to reduce resistance against cumulative, explosive, and subcalibre damage types in tests between peer tank types Leopard 2 and M1 Abrams
*changed .50 cal machine guns (modern versions only) damage type to pierce (can destroy light armor with sustained fire)
*changed NSV machine gun damage type to pierce (can destroy light armor with sustained fire)
*changed KPVT machine gun damage type to pierce and increased it (can destroy light armor with sustained fire)
*changed NSV shooting sounds from US to the Soviet default heavy machine gun sound for a closer match
*gave KPVT its own sound scheme using unclaimed sound effects from original game after checking sounds of the real weapon
*relabelled T-90's secondary weapon as Kord MG (but no change to its capability except the above changes)
*split ammo to two types containing their real life ammo quantities for APCs like BTRs and BRDMs that have a strong 14.5mm mg and a lighter general mg
*set extended dead zone for mgs on tank roofs and any Soviet 12.7mm or 14.5mm guns, to encourage tanks use coaxial armament at closer ranges
*removed the rocket bombardment script from the Centaur class fast assault craft in the Russian Snake Island scenario due to errors and replaced it with off-map artillery bombardments
*removed all scripts based on unit losses to check progress, as the scripts produced different results in tests and final product; replaced these with scripts based on amount of time passed for enemy progress or player's unit locations for player's progress
*reworked fuel rate and quantity on mlrs units based on tracked platforms, to resemble tanks (TOS-1 and M270)
*reset parameters in all scenarios to match changes to unit ammunition, fuel

Created 24-01-2024
Changed 24-01-2024
Version V2
Size 388.19 MB
(0 votes)
Created by KanePeterson
Changed by Ingwio
Downloads 77
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