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zip0 Sudden Strike Sound Mod V2.0
(4 votes)
Created: 26-03-2021
Size: 97.27 MB
Sudden Strike 2 Sound Mod is back with the 2.0 version!

Whats new?

Many new sounds are implemented!

More new explosion sounds are added.
- Added more sounds for US troops.
- Added more sounds for Germany,Russia and Britain.
- New sounds for heavy machine guns.
- New sounds for the bomb.
- New loud SMG sounds.
- New special sounds in the menu.
- New sound for the text"Attack"
- New air raid siren.
- New sounds for the Russian Officers.

And there is more!

Hope you will enjoy the mod.
zip1 Sudden Strike 2 Sound Mod
(3 votes)
Created: 16-02-2021
Size: 69.51 MB
In this mod. I replaced the original Sudden Strike 2 sounds into more realistic ones. This is a mini mod.

Have fun!
zip2 Sudden strike Comrade Kimo maps to edit
(2 votes)
Created: 29-11-2020
Size: 1.7 MB
Yes. Now you can edit my maps.

Missions you can edit in the zip:

-Lost soldiers (RWM 8.4) map.11
-One day at the front line (RWM 8.4) map.45
-Battle of Stalingrad part 3 (SS2) map.204
-Way to Victory (HS3) map.142
-Battle of Moscow (HS3) map.143
-Training area (SSF) map.001
-Smolensk 1943 (SSF RWM 5.0) map.000
-1942 Russian offensive (SSF) map.002
-December 1942 (Stalingrad) (SSF) map.247

Enjoy laughing
zip3 Battle of Paris 1944
(3 votes)
Created: 02-07-2020
Version: 2.2
Size: 45.48 KB
Hello there.I got a New mission for SS2 Original Version!Its about the battle of Paris 1944.I Hope you will enjoy!.Also i hope any one make a SS2 original version Archive(Make a new one plz) Anyways enjoy the Mission!

(Objective: Destroy the Prision)
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