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Released and produced by Rashidudin (Standalone Version)

We proudly inform you that the first playable beta of Modern Warfare Mod 3
MWM3 is a deeply rebalanced version of MWM2 with tanks, light armor, snipers, HMGs, ATGMs, and automatic cannons reworked. The graphics of many units are changed, new units and objects are added.

The mod's menu, editor and unit names are in ENGLISH.
The Bloody Sands campaign is also translated and playable through menu>campaigns>Bloody Sands

We are taking into consideration the translation of the rest of the missions and campaigns. It, however, depends on your feedback.
We would also be very glad to see missions made by foreign mappers.

TO JOIN THE MULTIPLAYER BATTLES, please, visit our forum:

Forum at Sudden-Strike-Maps Modern Warfare 2+3 Forum

Created 08-11-2019
Version Beta 1
Size 1,024 GB
(13 votes)
Created by rashidudin
Changed by Ingwio
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+2 # lacios 2020-02-13 05:38
Thanks for your hard work. I hope you can present us with an entire English version, with all the missions and campaigns translated into English. And I think that will be a big shot for the game world.
+1 # Tiger-7 2020-04-28 12:30
Hey dears

i hope that all of you are OK

I am Adam from Kingdom of Jordan
Sorry for may bad English

This is my first comment here in your Great site for all guys who loves Sudden Strike

i have an issue i hope it will be solved soon when i format my Laptop which is a (Software conflict) cased a problem with all Sudden Strike games that i have and as a reason of that i can start Sudden strike modern warfare and Vietnam project from the Editor only

with Modern warfare mod 3 Beta i had an issue with the (Unknown avia desc)

I hope that all problems will be solved soon and we will have a great time playing that Awesome Game
0 # Comrade Kimo 2020-08-15 23:50
Not gonna lie its so good!! :lol: :D :-)

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