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Battle of Kiev (RWM 8.0) read DC Battle of Kiev (RWM 8.0) read DC

I got wrong at the Distnations you have to advance to the South west to get rienforcments and then to the North West at the Industrial Area for Victory! Thanks for Reading!

The Mission is Town Fighting and its hard so you will have in the start only 1 ISU-152 to support and an Infantry Divison so advance to the South West at the End of the map to get Rienforcments with Tanks and infantry! Good luck!

A Quick Announcement:

Every one Loves Real Warfare mods. and so many people love playing SS2 and SS. But they dont have maps! so they play multiplayer together. But... they may dont have time to spare with thier friends or dont have time with them! so they play Singleplayer! but they finish maps very very fast. So we are in this pandemia. and every one wants someone to play with! and Sudden strike (all versions) are the best to do! but now the Problem is that there is about 3 million visitors in the Site almost all love SS but no many maps are made. So could we make SS great agian? we can if we stick to each other.Thanks for reading!coolsmile

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Created 08-08-2020
Version 2.4
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Created by Karim
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+1 # Comrade Kimo 2020-08-11 15:55
Did you enjoy the Mission? :lol: :D

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