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Category: RWM 8.5 Singleplayer
Downloads: 5
rar0 RWM 8.5 Cold Eastern Front by Dark11 NEW
(1 vote)
Created: 24-10-2023
Version: 8.5
Size: 766.24 KB
Map by Dark11
Winter 256x256

English Map and Mission

Cold Eastern Front

You are to take command of a backwater sector of the Eastern front during the cold winter.
Soviets are constantly probing and working on your defenses.

Once you take command as replacement for a incompetent Officer you are to reorganize defenses .
The General staff will give you orders , of which you must follow! Don't get yourself killed! You are to remediate the situation in this sector. From what seemingly is a under-manned backwater, with opposing artillery duel, will quickly becomes a focal point along the front!

Under  your command this sector must endure, and advance against all odds!

Mission and Scripting also by Dark11

Subscribe to Badger Lowe on Youtube to view him playing some of my maps!
Thanks to Badger Lowe for Streaming!
Thanks to Karim for Support!
Thanks to the RWM Team the maps i have made with their mod!
Thanks to the RWG Team for projects i have in the works with their mod!
Thanks Sudden Strike Maps de for hosting!

Let me know if there are any issues in the comments and i will try and fix them!
No Airstrips
rar1 RWM Allied Advance 1944 by Dark11
(1 vote)
Created: 17-10-2023
Version: 8.5
Size: 161.37 KB
Fictional engagement involving Germans US and British forces in 1944

Map size 128x128
Playtime 30 mins to 1hour

Player supports British Recon Advance, until reinforcements arrive.
Advance South to the Eastern Road, then advance on the town once the British do.

Action packed with interesting events. Short fairly easy and fun!
Once the town is clear be sure to search the standing buildings one by one with infantry to locate and German stragglers hiding in the houses.

Have Fun and let me know if there are any issues.
rar2 RWM Siege of Odessa by Dark11 Soviet Defense
(0 votes)
Created: 07-10-2023
Size: 497.91 KB
RWM 8.5 Single player Mission and Map by Dark11
Siege of Odessa Soviet Defence
512 x 512
playtime 2-3 hours 
Mission in English
Defend for as long as Moscow see's fit.
You will organize a defense and hold off against Germans and Romanians advancing.
Comment if there are any issues and i will fix them!
zip3 Battle of Abbevile (June 1940)
(1 vote)
Created: 25-08-2023
Version: 0.1
Size: 619.44 KB
The Battle of Abbeville takes place in France in June 1940.

At the head of the last reserves of French and British armored troops, you are ordered to launch a last major offensive to slow down the blitzkrieg.

Good luck!
zip4 map for rwm 8.5
(4 votes)
Created: 06-09-2022
Size: 497.88 KB
one map for RWM 8.5  (battle for tolon) 
i don't like made more maps for this mod because there are some problems in game for example tanks MG cannot kill enemy soldiers in house , however enjoy from battle
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