This is the last version of Sudden Strike 4 Ever Mod Extended.

This Mod has been made only for singleplayer. It will work with all DLCs : Road to Dunkirk, Finland Winter Storm, Afrika - Desert War & Pacific War.

This mod will change many game settings, to make SS4 more real and less arcade :

- Permanent corpses, wrecks and parachutes
- Permanent blood
- No health regen
- Sight/shoot distance altered for all units (vehicules, tanks, guns and infantry)
- Damage values (friendly fire, HE, AP & bullets)
- Increased medic cure time
- Increased self repair time
- Increased fortify unit time
- Increased camera zoom/dezoom values
- Increased artillery range
- Increased officer and sniper sights
- No towing mod for kubelvagen/jeep/Ba-20
- Smoke & Fire time
- You won't see vehicles moving in fog of war
- New loading screens
- New main menu video
- Reworked vehicules/infanty textures (same tank can have several skins)
- New playable units : Jagdpanther, Hetzer, SU 100, Sdkfz 234-1 (20mm), Marder II, Sdkfz 251-8 (Ambulance), Medic Trucks
- New sounds : German, Soviet & Allied tanks have a new engine & a new track sound
- Some units changes in missions : All German/Soviet/Allied Missions have been reworked with new units with some modifications in the player and enemy reinforcements

Some important informations :

- As missions were rebuilt with new units, all your savegames won't work with it (you can still keep them but you will have to put back your vanilla game.
- You won't be able to play Multiplayer with this Mod as all units settings are altered (desynchro).
- When you capture an artillery unit/mg nest, as soon as you enter on it you need to disembark by pressing the "all disembark button" (or the E key). This will unlock all the free spaces that the dead units block.
PS : Disembarking the unit individually will not unlock the vehicle.


How to install and use:

The mod will only work with version 1.15.30080.
Copy the SS4E 1.15.30080 Installer into your Sudden Strike 4 folder and run it there.

Comments, suggestions or even complaints can be posted at

Last thing, if you want to donate some money for 1-2 beers, here's the link  :)

And most of all, HAVE FUN ! :)



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