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Caen V1.51 Caen V1.51

Name:Patrick van Vearenbergh
Mapname: Caen
Mapgröße / Size: -
SP or MP: Singleplayer
SP (SP Germany, USA...): Singleplayer Germany
MP (1-1, 2-2...): -
Map (normal, update, without scripts): normal
Sudden Strike Version (Sudden Strike 2, SS 3...) : Sudden Strike 3
Szenario (summer, winter, desert...): sommer
Kampfart / Combat kind (tactical, tactical massbattle): -
Mod: Batus Mod 2.1
The Battle for Caen from June to August 1944 was a battle between Allied (primarily British and Canadian troops) and German forces during the Battle of Normandy.

Originally the Allies aimed to take the French city of Caen, one of the largest cities in Normandy on D-Day. Caen was a vital objective for several reasons.

First, it lay astride the Orne River and Caen Canal; these two water obstacles could strengthen a German defensive position if not crossed. Second, Caen was a road hub; in

German hands it would enable the enemy to shift forces rapidly. Third, the area around Caen was relatively open, especially compared to the bocage country in the

west of Normandy. This area was valued for airfield construction.

Languages : English – German - French

Note : The map is designed with Batus Mod 2.1


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