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Freitag, 26. August 2016
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---- Willkommen bei Sudden Strike Maps --- World at War Mod V 0.5 ab sofort verfügbar ---- Sudden Strike 2 jetzt als Free Download verfügbar --- RWM 8.0 BETA 3 ab sofort verfügbar ---
Mod News » RWM 8.0 BETA-3 Release
Mod News

RWM 8.0 BETA-3 Release
12.08.2016 - 02:46 von General Lammers

Hiermit veröffentlichen wir den RWM 8.0 BETA -3 Release auf der Hauptseite von SSM. Viel Spass !!!

Download RWM 8.0 BETA-3 Release

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Mod News » World at War Mod V. 0.5
Mod News

World at War Mod V. 0.5
07.08.2016 - 20:09 von General Lammers

World at War Mod V. 0.5

World at War V. 0.5 Download

Impotant ! Game (MMS Multi Mod Switcher) right click and run as administrator !!!

September 1, 1939, the World War II began.
For six long years of ruthless, brutal, bloody slaughter millions of people of different nationalities shot, cut, stabbed each other, they were killed, disappeared without a trace, and died of his wounds, burned in tanks and aircraft, went down with their ships and submarines, but continued to fight... fight the enemy!

Our mod we dedicate memory of those killed in the fighting and battles, missing, we dedicate it to the blessed memory of all who died innocently.
Nobody is forgotten and nothing is forgotten!
Let this most brutal war will be remembered by everyone.
It must never happen again!

In our missions you are given the opportunity to feel the brunt of this war.
Experience the courage and valor of the Polish cavalry, and help to get out of the environment of the whole of the Polish division…
Try to help the French defend Abbeville...
You will be able to participate in reconnaissance raid at german rear as a part of the Soviet commando squad under the command of heroic Major...
Try to replace the commanders of the «Berlin operation», take the Reichstag ...
For the brave allies, you will be able to take part in the operation "Veritable" and landed in Normandy...
For beginners prepared three training missions!
Not forgotten, of course, and fans to fight for Germany. For those who want to control the forses of Luftwaffe, the Wehrmacht and Panzerwaffe, SS troops also has several missions, where they will be compared with the valiant forces of the Red Army.

World at War Mod is:
- 8 nations: the USSR, Germany, the British Commonwealth of Nations, Japan, USA, Italy, France, Poland.5 thematic schemes in the Map Editor: Europe (summer) 1939-1942, Europe (summer) 1943-1945, Europe (winter) 1941-1945, 1940-1943 North Africa, Far East-Pacific 1938-1945.
- A huge number of ground vehicles: tanks, self-propelled guns, armored vehicles, armored personnel carriers, tankettes, self-propelled anti-aircraft weapon, MLRS (multiple rocket launchers system), ARV (Armoured Recovery Vehicle), trucks, tractors, passenger cars, all-terrain vehicles, motorcycles, buses, supply trucks, tank trucks, engineering machines, locomotives, cars, armored locomotives, armored cars and etc.
- A wide choose of small arms and artillery weapons: heavy machine guns and anti-aircraft machine guns, anti-tank, anti-aircraft and field guns and a howitzers, MLRS.
- Different types of aircraft: fighters, bombers, attack aircraft, torpedo bombers, reconnaissance, transport planes, gliders.
- Not forgotten and a nautical theme. In mode there are rafts, boats, assault boats, boats (patrol, artillery, torpedo), patrol, support vessels, cargo ship, amphibious assault ships, tankers, destroyers.
- A huge number of buildings, a variety of objects, trees and shrubs to create maps.
- Unparalleled sounds - real sounds of military equipment and weapons, a variety voices of the units. The original design of mode - music and background image of menu, icons units.
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SSM News » Infos zu Sudden Strike 4 mit Spielszenen !
SSM News

Infos zu Sudden Strike 4 mit Spielszenen !
05.08.2016 - 04:25 von General Lammers

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SSM News » Windows 10 64 Bit Test
SSM News

Windows 10 64 Bit Test
20.10.2015 - 13:47 von General Lammers

Hallo Sudden Striker,

habe heute einen kleinen Windows 10 check für Sudden Strike 2 (Gametop Version) und RWM 8.0 (SS RW) durchgeführt.
Beide Varianten liefen mit meinem Windows 10 64 Bit völlig problemlos und ohne Kompatiblitätsmodus.

Weitere Infos über den Test findet ihr im Forum.

Forumthread Windows 10 64 Bit Test
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SSM News »
SSM News
14.12.2014 - 19:22 von General Lammers

Auf diesem Wege wollen wir eine neue Community Seite vorstellen, die sich mit den Original Versionen von Sudden Strike Forever und Sudden Strike 2 beschäftigen.

Der Inhalt der Seite:

-IP Database
-Downloads sagt:
"Kommt auf um Multiplayer-Spiele zu zocken. Das Spiel in der Version 2.2 inklusive Anti Cheat tool und über 250 Map´s können dort kostenlos gedownloadet werden genau so auch Suddenstrike forever."

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Mod News » Map for the coming World at War Mod
Mod News

Map for the coming World at War Mod
14.12.2014 - 16:34 von General Lammers

Operation Gemse: battle of Lauban
(sorry the Video starts after 2 minutes)

Forum for more informations:

WWM Forum

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