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Batus Mod 2.0 Patch 2.2 (2.1 to 2.2) Batus Mod 2.0 Patch 2.2 (2.1 to 2.2)

This patch for Batus Mod 2.1 will add some new units and fix some bugs:

- American m4a3_sherman (damagezones added)
- German pzkpfw_iv_ausf_h_bush (damagezones added)
- German flammpanzer_iii_ausf_m (MG locator fixed)
- US/USSR M5 Supply ('Carrier' & 'Transport' added in reinf editor)
- New officer type 'General' added for each nation in Soldiers folder (no special abilities, cosmetic only with silver star icon)
- New Soviet winter troops added
- New German Pak43/41 88mm AT Gun added (Europe and Winter folders)
- Fixed 'sound scheme aagun.76mm not found' error

How to Install:
Just unpack the contents of the rar file into your 'Media' folder and run the file called 'Patch_2_2_Batus_Install.bat'. If it asks to overwrite any files say Yes.

If you have any problems, let me know.

Created 29-11-2010
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