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Batus Mod (1.4) Batus Mod (1.4)

Ersteller: Batus & Co.

Compatible with both AFV and TLS so custom maps should now work with TLS (you may still need to move any modded ss_units that come with the map from edia/Mods for AFV to Media/Mods/Descs for TLS).

- Maptextures are reorganised with many more textures
- Added MG34 for Hetzer
- Added MG34 for Elefant
- Added MG34 for Jagpanther
- Added MG34 for Sdkfz163_sturmgeschutz_iv
- Added Hatch for Marder_iii
- Added new KV_85 with Hatch
- Added new sdkfz_10 (for AFV)
- Added new sig33_pzkpfw_i_ausf_b (for AFV)
- Added new sdkfz_234_1 (for AFV)
- Added new sdkfz_10_4 (for AFV)
- Added new t90_aa (for AFV)
- Added new zsu_37 (for AFV)
- Added new gaz_aa_76mm (for AFV)
- Added new paratroopers with vehicles and coloured parachutes
- Added new British C47 Dakota transport plane
- Added new British rocket firing Tempest Fighter
- Added new British M3A1 halftrack
- Added new British jeeps
- Added new German FW190 fighter-bomber
- Added new British PIAT anti-tank launcher
- Added Fog-invisible pillboxes.

Batus Mod 1.4 replaces all previous versions, no need to install any other version first. Just put the file in our ./Sudden Strike 3/Media folder and run exe.

Created 27-01-2010
Size 236 MB
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