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AXPRM 2.0 beta 6 AXPRM 2.0 beta 6

Neuer Mod von Hun Bütyök für Sudden Strike Ressource War.

About versions: 3 Mods in One

AXPRM 1.0 = Winter Eastern Europe 1939-1942/43
AXPRM 2.0 = North Africa and the Middle-East 1939-1942/43
AXPRM 3.0 = Blitzkrieg Battles Sommer/Spring/Autumn 1939-1941

The beta versions of AXPRM1.0 are closed demo versions, only for Testers.
The AXPRM 2.0 demo/beta version is avialable for download.
So, you have got the AXPRM2.0 beta 6.
Created 24-09-2010
Size 287.2 MB
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Created by General Lammers
Changed by General Lammers
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