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Desert Storm 1943 (for RWM 8.0) v1.2 Desert Storm 1943 (for RWM 8.0) v1.2

Name or Nickname: Marcie79
Mapname: Desert Storm 1943 (for RWM 8.0) v1.2
Mapgröße / Size (128*128,256*256...): 256*256
SP or MP: MP
SP (SP Germany, Allies...):
MP (1-1, 2-2...): 2vs2 (1vs1 possible)
Map (normal, update, without scripts): normal
Sudden Strike Version (Sudden Strike 2, SS 3...) : SSRW
Szenario (summer, winter, desert...): desert
Kampfart / Combat kind (tactical, tactical massbattle, massbattle): tactical massbattle
Mod: RWM 8.0b2
Information: Two airfields to capture for bombers. Zepelin pairs tend to be in the opposite half of the map.
One central triple of Zeps for a mayor reinforcement. two harbour with a lot of fuel barrels and storages with ammunition.
Four starting reserves after 00.00.10; 00.05.00; 00.15.00 ; 00.30.00

Created 17-09-2016
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