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Vietnam Project 1.1 (Standalone Mod) Vietnam Project 1.1 (Standalone Mod)

Dear friends, we gladly present you Vietnam Project 1.1
This modification covers the period of Indochina wars:
- First Indochina War (1946 — 1954)
- Vietnam War (1957 — 1975)

Also the mapmakers will be able to make missions about:
- Sino-Vietnamese War (1975)
- Cambodian-Vietnamese War (1975 — 1989)
- Laotian Civil War (1960—1973)
- Cambodian Civil War (1967—1975)

All the units and infantry are made according to their real look/camouflage/uniforms etc.

IMPORTANT: Only the menu and the mission editor are translated to English. Unit names and mission descriptions are still in Russian. (However, most of the missions are of kill them all type, so you can play them even if you don’t understand the dialogs). If we face interest of non-russian mapmakers, we will make an effort to provide full English version.

IMPORTANT: There is a problem with mission UNBOWED VIETNAM. We know about It, but we need time to fix It.

IMPORTANT FOR THE MISSIONMAKERS: The following transport helicopers have no stock. But they can properly leave the map after landing, by script. So you can use them for imitation of dropping troops, sending the soldiers via flag near to the landed helicopter as a reinforcement.

CREDITS: Junkers, -IG-, Bosho, Dmitriy, Rashidudin, старик, dedulia, vovan, sasha_08, Pilot_CIF, Artaban, Ordos, Nordleng
THANKS TO: North, BombaRDS, Ckuff, alchy, Усман, swat4, Kozac, Ssb, Parawozas, vovan..l, Penza, Kosyak, Denis_48, KORTEX-RINTINTIN, Rules, dborr, vladdo, Индуктор, -=panzer=-, Фонарь, Kalter, EnterPredator.
AND TO THE TEAMS OF: Battlefield:Vietnam, Call of Duty, Лис пустыни, SWAT-4, БЧЗ, ПкМ, FMRM:BG, RWG, Hidden Stroke (2,3,Fusion), Liberation, Warzone, PWM, SCLM, Antiterror mod.
AND ALSO TO: Creedence Clearwater Revival, Doors, Jefferson's Airplane, Edwin Starr and to Richard Wagner

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