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SS4 Extended Zoom Mod v.1.1 SS4 Extended Zoom Mod v.1.1

This mod will change SS4 original zoom settings (Basic & Extended). This mod will only work with version v1.08.24201 of your game.

- Basic settings : 98-168 (original : 98-140)
- Extended settings : 75-300 (original : 98-168)

"gamedata" file must be placed in your Sudden Strike4/AssetBundles folder

If you find any bugs, please report them and contact us :

Enjoy !
Created 08-05-2018
Version v1.08.24201
Size 4.13 MB
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Created by Casquebleu
Changed by Casquebleu
Downloads 562


+1 # bin.zwieda 2018-05-08 22:19
this mod is F A N T A S T I C ! ! !

version 1.0 was improving the game already very much.

now we have 1.1, which is another big step forward!

i never realized the great graphics detail of the game so far, now you can zoom in much further and will discover so many nice little details, the game has graphics-wise, you didn´t really know, they were there.

additionally, you can zoom-out further, as i was hoping for, to have much better overview ofer the battlefield, what´s happening where.

i am very happy with this mid, thanks a lod to the mod-team!
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