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Western Front Western Front

This is the new version of WESTERN FRONT which now includes US and UK armies.

WARNING : This mod won't work with the last version of SS4 (v.1.06)

This mod will replaces most of German, American and British units :

Germany :

- Vehicules/Weapons : Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger II, Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger, Ferdinand, Elefant, Panzer IV G, Panzer IV H, Flakpanzer IV Wirbelwind, Opel Blitz Transport, Opel Blitz Supply, Panther A, Panther D, Sdkfz 7, Sdkfz 7 Flak, Sdkfz 251, Stug 3 G, Stug 3 G Late, Flak88-36, 105 mm leFH18, 173mm Kanone 18, Flakvierling 38 AA gun, Pak 38, Pak 40, Panzerwerfer 42, Jagdpanzer IV, Wespe, Puma, Mortar.

- Soldiers : Officer, AT Rifle, Mortar, Sniper, Soldier, Medic, Mg, Smg, Panzerschreck, Parachute, Tank Crew, Enginner.


- Vehicules/Weapons : Gmc cckw ammo, Gmc cckw supply, Jeep Willys, M3m16 Halftrack, M3m16 AA Halftrack, M4, M7 Priest, M8 Greyhound, M18 Hellcat, M26 Pershing, Sherman M4a4, Sherman M4a4 rhino, Longtom, M5, 1927

- Soldiers : Officer, Mortar, Sniper, Soldier, Medic, Mg, Smg, Bazooka, Tank Crew, Para Bazooka, Para Medic, Para Mg, Para Smg, Para Officer, Para Soldier

UK :

- Vehicules/Weapons : Bedford, Churchill Mk VII, Cromwell, Firefly, Gmc cckw supply, Gmc cckw 1940, M3 Halftrack, M3m3 aa Halftrack, M4, M7 Priest (sexton), UC Bren Mg, UC Bren At, Qf 6pdr, Qf 25

- Soldiers : Medic, Mg, Mortar, Officer, Piat, Smg, Sniper, Soldier

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Have fun !

Casquebleu aka Caskou



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