[RWM] Berlin Centre - New multiplayer map

We have new map capturing the battle in the center of Berlin, end of April 1945. Map is little bit different from the classic schema. Germans are here rather in defensive situation, Red Army have lot of Katyusha's and heavy artillery, storm units and more infantry. Germans have only city blocks in their back and bad prospects. 

All known places like Brandenburger Tor, Moltke bridge, Reichstag, Tiergarten are included.


Map info:
Map size: 256 x 256, Maximum players: 4 vs 4

Playable sides:

  • 1) Wehrmacht (+ Volkssturm) 2) Waffen SS (Different units, better infantry)
  • 3) Red Army (More artillery), 4) Red army: Guard Units (Different units, better infantry)

Multiplayer script still in early version, so ballance isn't great :)

Anyway, everybody who want play with us is welcome!
Please visit this page for more information: http://www.sudden-strike-maps.de/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?f=144&t=18348


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Written by LS